02 | Kellogg's CEO Gary Pilnick recently came under fire for targeting financially struggling families on CNBC with "cereal for dinner" recommendation. Sugary cereals have overtaken American breakfasts and now are coming for our dinners. Is this simply an example of an executive being out of touch or is something more nefarious going on? Behind the scenes, the cereal manufacturer is lobbying the USDA to shape the 2025 federal health guidelines and the FDA to shape their proposed "healthy" food labelling laws. Explore corruption in the food industry and federal health agencies. Episode 01 | Want to know why your beef prices are so high and what's being done about it? Matthew from My Health Forward dives into record low cattle inventories, corruption among packers, new rancher-backed beef processing plants, and how to buy local beef directly from ranchers. You will learn about the hidden forces in the beef cattle industry and how to find local ranches and farms to buy directly from for the highest quality and healthiest meat.

Chews Wisely | I joined Montana sheep and cattle rancher Caroline Nelson on her podcast, Chews Wisely. We discussed the "Big Four" meat packer's bribery, corruption, and trafficking. If you want to understand how the cattle industry works, why you've been paying more for your beef, and how to support local ranchers, give it a listen!